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Need better interpersonal skills? They affect all aspects of your life. Interpersonal skills stay with your for life so they are a good investment in yourself. Work with me one-on-one. Coaching will refine your skills and you will immediately get better results. Be it at work or in your intimate relationship. And remember, your brain doesn't like change and will find every reason to avoid it. Try this instead: Be brave. Stop feeding the excuses. Step up a time with me (First session is free to see if we are a good fit) and live a full life starting today.

Full Spectrum Coaching

In the Ed Ferrigan Coaching program, you will repair any relationship issues by looking at the full spectrum of what could be influencing the outcomes you are getting. This approach, enables you to get to the root cause. Coupled with skill building, you will change the dynamic permanently. For 26 years, Ed has worked with well over 236 couples and over 5000 sessions. Ed is also an empath that sees dynamics very quickly. This will increase speed in fulfilling your relationship goals.

Trauma Resolution

After 25 years of research and in the trenches coaching with clients, I believe 2 issues at the root of most people's frustrations in life. Missing skills and a propensity to look for "What's wrong here?" It's insidious and we do it without realizing it. Once your biology re-synched using trauma repair strategies, you naturally feel better and life is much easier. After that you will want to focus on skill building to update your relational skills.

Skill Building

If we start out life with any developmental trauma we end up with coping strategies rather than healthy interpersonal skills. This phase of the Ed Ferrigan Coaching program, along with any trauma resolution coaching, will provide you all the skill building practices to replace any coping mechanisms. In time, your confidence grows and you are self sufficient. Relationships become fun, predictable and exciting again.

Better Relationships

Science is now convinced we are wired for connection. When early life negative imprints are resolved and we get self regulation back in sync, relationships are fun and passion for life and each other naturally emerge. The Ed Ferrigan Coaching System focuses on the end game of guiding individuals and couples to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how to create extraordinary relationships.

26 Years Serving Others To Live The Best Version of Themselves

Who is Ed

25 Years Experience. Results Oriented. Proven.

Ed has spent the last 25 years coaching hundreds of savvy entrepreneurs to break through limiting beliefs to take their business to the next level. Ed has a Masters in psychology, certificates in life coaching from CTI, certified in the Hendricks Conscious Relationship program, is a facilitator of the EQI Emotional Intelligence assessment tool, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile Assessment tool, is a certified family constellation practitioner through the Human Systems Institute and has the highest designation in the world renowned Somatic Experiencing program by Dr Peter Levine. If you'd like a free discovery session you can set an appoint with Ed using the button above. Visit his "Wall of Love" to view more testimonials. You may also contact him directly at 970-317-0001 or email him at ed @

Are You The Ideal Client For Working With Ed?

Ed works with people who have done a lot of past emotional work but are still struggling. His program helps you to see what aspects of your skills or trauma repair need to be addressed. Ed's vast experience of helping people build skills and release trauma, help you to pinpoint blind spots and or distressed areas that are keeping you stuck. Through Ed's programs, via coaching or skills training you can break through any blindspots and finally have a fulfilling life that feels consistently satisfying. You'll know Ed's program is working for you when you can see that your day-to-day focus becomes more about expressions of what you want to create rather than frustrations, disappointments and feelings of isolations that you may be experiencing now. The two types of people who end of working with Ed are couples that have tried a lot and nothing seems to be shifting the dynamic. The second type of person is people who feel at a loss in their livelihood or self employment. In both cases, they want more ease and flow and consistent positive results.

The next step for you if this resonates is to try a free introductory session with Ed to see if the outcome matches what you are hoping for. You can schedule an appointment here. [Discovery Session With Ed]

Who Should NOT Work With Ed?

People who are addicted to or constantly seeking a new solution or chronically changing healing modalities are not a good fit for Ed's programs. People with unaddressed addictions are not a good fit. People who are resistant to changing daily habits are not a good fit. People who want to change but don't take action are not a good fit for Ed's programs. Finally, people who default to the judging the external world as the problem (listen to the inner dialogue in your head when something upsets you) and are not used to seeing that in any given moment you are the one making meaning out of everything, and instead blame the external world for your problems are not yet ready to work with Ed and his programs.

Our client


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Organization Values


Being awake and not letting the unconscious sabotaging routines adopted early in life run the show and determine our destiny.


Integrity is knowing your truth, acting on it, making adjustments when needed, and owning it every moment with a learning attitude.


We are responsible for our perceptions, interpretations, and actions we take and the part we play in any given outcome.


The willingness to see the value in all of the diversity in life. Fostering harmony, and recognize we are stewards of each other and our home called mother earth. Each of us in a miracle. Cultivating inner peace to heal all.


Remove all excuses, step up, face ANY fears or outcomes. The willingness to experience what you are wanting, get new information, make adjustments, and dissolve any fears through new experiences.


Set the ego aside, and resolve anything from the past no matter how scary. Willingness to bring in new information and challenge past beliefs, habits, or outcomes from the past you contributed to.

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